Saturday, March 20, 2010


I love many, many aspects of motherhood. I couldn't even begin to explain which ones I love most...but two passions have filtered up to the top in the past couple of years.

Cloth Diapering and Babywearing

I love and have become quite knowledgeable about both. Enough of an "expert" to be consulted from time to time. Enough of an "expert" to bother blogging about either of these obsessions.

Yes, to be honest, I'm a little obsessed. But, doesn't all passion start with obsession? I'm no exception...

Thanks to my IRL (in real life) and online friends, who are too numerous to thank in person, I am starting this blog with an eye toward various things.

1. Starting a small, online cloth diapering and babywearing business.

2. Spread the love and advocate these passions in order to convert the skeptical.

3. Encourage moms and dads to embrace these small years as the gift they truly are, not something to be "gotten through".

4. To show people that cloth diapering isn't gross or hard, but a simple, easy idea whose time has returned.

5. To show people the benefits of keeping your child close to you as often as possible.

I'll be back soon! Thanks for checking in...